Tips on Glass Bottle Packaging

Glass bottles are the main packaging containers for food, medicine and cosmetics. Glass bottles are also divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. Solid creams generally use wide-mouth bottles, preferably with electrochemical aluminium caps or plastic lids. Caps can be used for colour spraying and other effects. Emulsions or water-based pastes are generally available in narrow-mouth bottles with a pump. Glass bottles of uneven thickness can easily lead to damage. Or in cold conditions, glass bottles are easily squeezed by the contents and should [...]

What Are the Advantages of Cosmetic Glass Bottle Packaging

Perfumes and fragrances are liquid-type fragrances commonly used in daily life, both with fragrant, rich and long-lasting aroma. Their packaging generally uses glass bottle containers to meet the requirements of their packaging and noble characteristics. Cosmetic glass bottles are often used in the packaging of high-grade cosmetics or some special requirements of cosmetics. The perfume and fragrance generally use a variety of colors of transparent glass bottles for packaging. Bottles are often processed with various patterns to increase the decorative effect of the bottle.

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The Best Packaging Containers

Glass bottles have been available in China since ancient times. In the past, academics believe that glassware was very rare in ancient times, so only a few ruling class could have and use. However, recent studies have concluded that the production and manufacture of glassware in ancient times was not difficult, but it is not easy to preserve and therefore rare to see in later generations. Glass bottles are the traditional packaging containers in China. Glass is also a [...]

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If We Want to Make Cosmetic Products Take The High-end Route

If you want your cosmetic products to take the high-end route, you should choose glass packaging bottles. In general, the material of cosmetics is divided into solid particles, liquids and moisturizing lotions. Cosmetic products do not have a unique appearance, it must be based on sophisticated and distinctive packaging design solutions to express its own characteristics. Cosmetics with skin whitening and nutritional properties, which are like food products with many nutritional elements, are very susceptible to oxidation. Therefore, the bottle packaging chosen must have [...]

The Indispensable Packaging Material – Glass Bottle

As an indispensable packaging material for the industry, glass bottle packaging has also ushered in a broader market. With the increasing diversification of people’s needs, a higher demand has been put forward for the packaging market. If to use the “high-end atmosphere”, “high class” to describe a kind of packaging, the glass bottles are obviously more appropriate. From mineral water to liquor to cosmetics, which is generally set as a high-grade level of product, it will give priority to the glass bottle [...]

Benefits of Glass Bottles In The Packaging Market

 Glass material has the properties of lead-free harmless, and also has good barrier performance, which is good to prevent the oxidation of various gases on the bottle of the object erosion, at the same time can effectively prevent the contents of the volatile components of the object to the atmosphere. Glass bottles can be recycled and used repeatedly to reduce the packaging cost of enterprises. The transparent quality of glass can easily refract the color of the contents in the bottle. Glass [...]

The Key for Cosmetic Bottle to Enter The High-end Packaging Field Is Recognition

Cosmetic bottles have become the first market share holder in the field of container packaging because of their many advantages. However, cosmetic bottle have been difficult to get rid of the image of low-end, cheap, etc. in people’s minds. In recent years, in the process of continuous improvement of people’s lives, high-end packaging has been emerging, of which glass bottles are strongly sought after by the market, its market share will be cosmetic bottles far behind. It’s found that many [...]

The Difference Between Chinese And Foreign Markets for Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Containers used for packaging various creams, lotions and other cosmetic bottles are called cosmetic bottles. The fact of cosmetic bottle packaging is quite different in the domestic and foreign markets. Let’s take a look at the domestic cosmetic bottle market. The first is that the firefighters are different, and there is a big difference between domestic cosmetics consumers and foreign consumers. The choice of material in product design should also follow domestic consumers. The second is that the design [...]