Common Problems of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Bottles used for packaging of cosmetics and skin care products are called cosmetic bottles. The market usage of cosmetic bottle packaging is very large. A good cosmetic bottle must be selected in at least several aspects. One is to choose the cosmetic bottle material, glass, plastic, metal, the choice of cosmetic bottles of different materials is very important. On the other hand, the choice of style and function of cosmetic bottles should also be carefully selected. So, what are the common [...]

Production & Network Promotion Problems for Glass Bottle Manufacturers

Glass bottle manufacturers do promotion, mainly through the exhibition and sales staff telephone sales. With the rise of the Internet, glass bottle manufacturers are increasingly relying on the Internet for their sales. However, at present, glass bottle manufacturers have encountered problems in production and Internet sales. In the production process, the problems encountered by glass bottle manufacturers are: first, the labor cost of glass bottle manufacturers is getting higher and higher, which is a big cost problem for the glass bottle industry [...]

New Technology And New Process of Cosmetic Packaging

In the market, if we pay attention to all kinds of container packaging, cosmetic bottle packaging belongs to an extremely rich category in terms of function and appearance. The cosmetic market determines the needs of cosmetic bottle packaging in terms of appearance and functional diversity. Today, let’s take a look at the new changes, new appearance, new processes and technologies that cosmetic bottle packaging has brought to the field of container packaging. First, cosmetic bottles bring new closure types and functions. [...]

Domestic Perfume Bottle Purchasing and Origin Analysis

Bottles used for all kinds of perfume packaging are called perfume bottle packaging. Perfume bottle packaging generally has several characteristics. Perfume bottle packaging has several characteristics. First, there are many packaging materials for perfume bottles, including glass, plastic, metal, and wood. Second, the styles of perfume bottle packaging are also diverse, with caps, nozzles, etc. Third, there are many functions. After years of development, perfume bottle packaging has various styles. So, what are the origins of perfume bottle packaging in China? [...]

Mini Cosmetic Bottles Desperately Needed

In our concept, cosmetic bottles must be large bottles, at least tens of milliliters. This is true even for the trial packs of make-up products, skin care products and daily care products. Most of these trial packs do not have specially designed cosmetic bottles. Merchants just randomly take out a bottle from the product for consumers to use. After experiencing skin-to-skin contact with more than N people, the mouth of the cosmetic bottle itself is a bacterial infection base. This [...]

Market Thinking of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Bottles used to package various skin care and makeup products can be called cosmetic bottles, for lotions, serums, sunscreens, and more. Cosmetic bottle packaging currently has several prominent problems in the market. First, the homogenization of cosmetic bottle packaging is serious, copying and imitating each other, and lacking a sense of design. Second, the materials of cosmetic bottles are becoming more and more luxurious, and they are not environmentally friendly and cannot be decomposed. They only focus on appearance and ignore the environmental [...]

How to Solve the Friction of the Surface of Glass Bottle

Not every glass bottle in daily life is so intact. When they are produced between the surface collision will leave traces to each other, so how to keep them from leaving traces after friction? Glass bottles are produced under high temperature. From the glass solution to the machine production molding are through the process of high temperature to low temperature, so it is inevitable that the collision and friction between the glass bottle products. Friction marks will appear when the bottle [...]

Cosmetic Bottle Aesthetics Have An Impact on Sales Performance

Every time you buy cosmetics, the salesperson often recommends products with more delicate packaging, and the cosmetic bottle also increases consumers’ trust in the product. So, for the cosmetics industry, good packaging will also lead to a good share of sales! The most intuitive manifestation of the quality of the packaging is often whether the printed label is clear; whether the packaging bottle is exquisite; whether the design is unique…. In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technical [...]

How to Choose Several Styles of Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

The bottle used for essential oil packaging is called essential oil bottle packaging. Essential oil bottle packaging has developed over the years, becoming more and more abundant and diverse. There are several commonalities of essential oil bottle packaging on the market today. First of all, essential oil bottle packaging generally feels high-end, textured, and high-grade. Secondly, the essential oil bottle packaging has good sealing performance, and the essential oil is easy to volatilize. Therefore, the packaging sealing requirements of the [...]

Perfume Bottle Packaging Purchase Points

Bottles used for various perfume packaging, including ceramics, plastics, metals, etc., can be called perfume bottles packaging. Perfume bottles differ from other packaging in a few key points. First of all, the most important thing about perfume bottles is their beautiful appearance, which is related to the fierce competition in the perfume market. The packaging of perfume bottles must play a certain role in brand marketing. Secondly, the functional design of the perfume bottle is also very important. A [...]