Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Price of Glass Bottles

Glass bottles are very common in daily life and can be used in wine packaging, beverage packaging and other fields, as well as various types of tea. Glass bottle packaging is better than other cup products such as paper cups. First, the glass bottle packaging is resistant to high temperature and can withstand high temperatures above 100 degrees. Second, the glass bottle has a good thermal insulation, which is much better than other cups such as paper cups and metal [...]

Advantages And Purchase Considerations for Glass Jar

Jars made of glass blowing are called glass jars. Glass jars are widely used in the packaging of pickles, food, canned fruit and other fields. For glass jar packaging, in summary, there are several advantages. First, the glass jar has a large mouth diameter, which is convenient for canning many foods. Second, the glass jar packaging material is resistant to high temperature, which can facilitate hot filling of food and facilitate high-temperature sterilization of food. Third, glass jar packaging [...]

Analysis on the Dilemma of Frequent Bankruptcy of Domestic Glass Bottle Manufacturers

After decades of development, the domestic glass bottle industry has formed several major production bases such as Xuzhou in Jiangsu and Yuncheng in Shandong. There are hundreds of glass bottle manufacturers with more employees. However, the market for glass bottle packaging manufacturers has changed in recent years. First, the profit of glass bottle products has been declining year by year, which has brought great pressure to the survival of glass bottle manufacturers. Second, glass bottle manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized [...]

Advantages of Glass Bottle Packaging

Since glass packaging materials are suitable for the production of automatic filling production lines, the development of automatic glass bottle filling technology and equipment in China is also relatively mature. The use of glass bottles to package fruit and vegetable juice beverages, liquor and foreign wine health wine has certain production advantages in China. Glass packaging materials can easily change the color and transparency, especially the wine packaging that depends on the color. Glass packaging materials are safe and hygienic, have good [...]

How to Improve the Shortcomings of Glass Bottle Packaging

As a container, glass bottle packaging has a long history and a very long packaging history. This is inseparable from the many advantages of glass bottles. Today we mainly talk about the main disadvantages of glass bottle packaging. First of all, the glass bottle is fragile, it is easy to break when it is dropped or hit, and it is easy to hurt people. Secondly, glass bottles are heavy in packaging, inconvenient to carry, and not conducive to transportation. Finally, [...]

Different Market Analysis of Glass Bottle Packaging

We blow glass to process bottles, which is called glass bottle packaging. Comparing glass bottle packaging with other packaging such as plastic bottles and tin cans: First, glass bottle packaging materials are high-end, transparent and beautiful, and many high-end positioning products will be packaged in glass bottles. Secondly, glass bottle packaging materials are environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly, in line with the concept of sustainable development and environmental protection. Finally, glass bottles are resistant to high temperature, [...]

Common Problems of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Bottles used for packaging of cosmetics and skin care products are called cosmetic bottles. The market usage of cosmetic bottle packaging is very large. A good cosmetic bottle must be selected in at least several aspects. One is to choose the cosmetic bottle material, glass, plastic, metal, the choice of cosmetic bottles of different materials is very important. On the other hand, the choice of style and function of cosmetic bottles should also be carefully selected. So, what are the common [...]

Production & Network Promotion Problems for Glass Bottle Manufacturers

Glass bottle manufacturers do promotion, mainly through the exhibition and sales staff telephone sales. With the rise of the Internet, glass bottle manufacturers are increasingly relying on the Internet for their sales. However, at present, glass bottle manufacturers have encountered problems in production and Internet sales. In the production process, the problems encountered by glass bottle manufacturers are: first, the labor cost of glass bottle manufacturers is getting higher and higher, which is a big cost problem for the glass bottle industry [...]

New Technology And New Process of Cosmetic Packaging

In the market, if we pay attention to all kinds of container packaging, cosmetic bottle packaging belongs to an extremely rich category in terms of function and appearance. The cosmetic market determines the needs of cosmetic bottle packaging in terms of appearance and functional diversity. Today, let’s take a look at the new changes, new appearance, new processes and technologies that cosmetic bottle packaging has brought to the field of container packaging. First, cosmetic bottles bring new closure types and functions. [...]

Domestic Perfume Bottle Purchasing and Origin Analysis

Bottles used for all kinds of perfume packaging are called perfume bottle packaging. Perfume bottle packaging generally has several characteristics. Perfume bottle packaging has several characteristics. First, there are many packaging materials for perfume bottles, including glass, plastic, metal, and wood. Second, the styles of perfume bottle packaging are also diverse, with caps, nozzles, etc. Third, there are many functions. After years of development, perfume bottle packaging has various styles. So, what are the origins of perfume bottle packaging in China? [...]