The Difference Between Chinese And Foreign Markets for Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Containers used for packaging various creams, lotions and other cosmetic bottles are called cosmetic bottles. The fact of cosmetic bottle packaging is quite different in the domestic and foreign markets. Let’s take a look at the domestic cosmetic bottle market. The first is that the firefighters are different, and there is a big difference between domestic cosmetics consumers and foreign consumers. The choice of material in product design should also follow domestic consumers. The second is that the design [...]

Cosmetic Bottle Packaging: Can Glass Bottles Meet The Challenge?

The cosmetic market is increasingly demanding in terms of the appearance of packaging. Plastic is widely used because of its sturdiness and durability, while glass gives a sense of noble appearance. Both materials are therefore the main choices in cosmetic packaging. The sparkle of glass is ideal for packaging such as perfume bottles, while plastic wins this competition for cosmetic packaging materials with its reasonable price and lighter quality. While glass bottles are certainly the mainstay of cosmetic packaging, plastic bottles [...]

Several Changing Trends of Cream Jar Packaging

Containers used for packaging cosmetics and pharmaceutical cream products are called cream jars. In general, cream jar packaging needs to have the following characteristics. First, it must be easy to squeeze out or take out. Cream products have a certain viscosity. Therefore, it is most important to be convenient to use. Second, the packaging price of the cream jar, because the price of the cream product itself is not high, therefore, the packaging cost should not be too high. Third, [...]

The Characteristics And Purchase Analysis of Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

Bottles used for essential oil packaging are called essential oil bottles. Compared with other bottles, the packaging of essential oil bottles has several characteristics. First of all, the packaging of essential oil bottles is basically dark and brown, because essential oils have requirements for protection from light. Secondly, the trial volume of essential oil bottles needs to be strictly controlled, so the packaging of essential oil bottles is mainly in the form of a dropper. Third, the packaging of [...]

Cosmetic Bottle Aesthetics Impacts On Sales Performance

Whenever you buy cosmetics, salespeople tend to recommend products with more sophisticated packaging. Cosmetic bottles also allow consumers to increase their trust in the product. So, for the cosmetic industry, good packaging will also bring a good share of sales! The most intuitive expression of good or bad packaging is such as whether the printed label is clear, whether the bottle is exquisite, whether the design is chic, etc. In the field of cosmetic packaging, with the improvement of technology, the [...]

The Magical Effect of Essential Oil

Add essential oils in distilled water, put them in a spray bottle, and spray them on the bed, clothes, furniture, pets, bookcases, and carpets at any time to disinfect and deodorize and improve the living environment. The unique bactericidal properties of essential oils can be used to clean the room environment, and compared to many chemical cleaners, essential oils are safer.   Spray disinfection-cleaning the surface of objects, disinfecting the children’s play area Formula: 150ML white vinegar + 100ML water + 20 drops [...]

Why Do High-End Cosmetic Manufacturers Prefer Glass Bottles

At present, in the high-end cosmetic packaging market, manufacturers still prefer glass bottle packaging, which is mainly because glass bottles bring together many advantages. First of all, cosmetic glass bottles have a good texture and look beautiful and upscale. It also caters to the needs of high-end cosmetic packaging. Secondly, the market space for high-end cosmetics continues to grow. The need for branding has driven the market for cosmetic glass bottles space. Finally, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the demand [...]

Distinctive Type of Glass Bottle Packaging

The appearance of plastic bottles relies on a labeling process to further improve the outer packaging of the product. In contrast, glass bottles have a variety of options in the post-modification process, including baking, painting, frosting and other effects. This allows glass bottles to be frequently converted to a variety of different packaging effects. These processes can change the color of the glass bottle and can also make the glass bottle conform to the various positions required by the packaging requirements. As [...]

A New Breakthrough in Essential Oil Bottle Packaging

Essential oil bottle packaging, we have formed a deep-rooted impression. It is packaged in the form of a brown or dark essential oil bottle with a dropper. This kind of packaging is almost standard for essential oil packaging. Therefore, the market has also formed inertia, and there has been no new change in the packaging of essential oil bottles. In fact, the author believes that essential oil bottle packaging should be changed. The essential oil bottle packaging currently on the [...]

Cosmetic Glass Bottle Set Wholesale Market Analysis – How to Buy Cheap Set Cosmetic Bottles?

In recent years, the domestic cosmetics industry has sprung up like mushrooms. For domestic cosmetics, cosmetic bottle packaging has become more and more important. To build a brand and compete with international cosmetics requires more effort in cosmetic bottle packaging. In the past, domestic cosmetics companies paid more attention to the outer packaging of cosmetic bottles for individual products, and seldom made a fuss about cosmetic packaging bottles. With the strengthening of brand awareness, the packaging of cosmetics packaging has [...]