Distribution Characteristics of Domestic Glass Bottle Manufacturers

For many years, glass bottle packaging has been challenged by plastic bottle packaging. However, compared with other packaging, glass bottle packaging is still the mainstream of market packaging. After years of development, China has formed several major glass bottle production bases. Let’s look at them one by one today. First of all, the main production bases for glass wine bottles are Shandong Yuncheng, Henan Linzhou and Sichuan Longchang. These places gathered a large number of glass wine bottle manufacturers. Secondly, for daily-use [...]

Basic Categories of Cream Jars

Cream jars are mainly used for the packaging of cream products, like for medicine, cosmetics products.   Cream jars which are in transparent appearance and high-grade texture are mostly used for cosmetic products with cream, but just the costs are not cheap. Plastic cream jars which are mainly made of PET materials are widely used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products packaging. Their costs are more favorable. Acrylic frost bottles are generally durable and their costs are also favorable, so many manufacturers of cosmetics prefer [...]

The Magical Effect of Essential Oil Bottles

Add essential oils to distilled water, put them in a spray bottle, and spray them on the bed, clothes, furniture, pets, bookcases, and carpets at any time to disinfect and deodorize and improve the living environment. The unique bactericidal properties of essential oil bottles can be used to clean the room environment, and compared to many chemical cleaners, essential oils are safer. Spray disinfection-clean the surface of the object, disinfect the place where the child plays. Formula: 150ML white vinegar + 100ML water [...]

Three Characteristics of Cosmetic Glass Bottles On The Market

Cosmetic Glass Bottles refer to glass bottles used for packing lotion, cream and other cosmetic products. There are three characteristics of cosmetic glass bottles on the market as follows: First, cosmetics pay attention to appearance and design, cosmetic glass bottle for the product image requirements are very high. Second, cosmetic glass bottles rebrand, because cosmetic manufacturers need to use the cosmetic glass bottle appearance to shape the brand image. Third, the cost control of cosmetic glass bottles is also very [...]

Analysis of Present Situation of Cosmetic Glass Bottles

With the rapid development of social economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, cosmetics have come indispensable necessities in people’s daily life. The use of cosmetics has become an important part of people’s spiritual outlook, material civilization and living standards, especially after the reform and opening up, the vigorous development of cosmetics industry has increasingly attracted attention from all walks of life. When it comes to the development of cosmetics and container packaging, people can naturally think of cosmetic [...]

How to Choose Serum Bottles?

The glass bottle used for filling liquid medicine has a small capacity. Serum bottles are widely used in some products with special packaging requirements, compared with other packaging products such as plastic bottles. First of all, the Serum bottle can protect the medicine very well, and is more suitable for some medicines that require the medicine to avoid light. Secondly, the serum bottle and rubber stopper have good sealing performance, which can ensure the sanitation of medicines and avoid [...]

Brief Introduction of Glass Essential Oil Bottle

The cosmetic glass bottle used for filling cosmetic essential oil is called essential oil bottle. Compared with other packaging, the essential oil bottle generally has several characteristics. First, the essential oil bottle has a small capacity and a delicate appearance. Second, the essential oil bottle packaging usually has a dropper, which is convenient to use. Third, the price of essential oil bottle is generally higher, and the quality requirements are high. So, how much is the price of the essential oil bottle packaging? There are several factors that [...]

Introduction of Raw Materials for Glass Bottles

Materials used for preparing glass bottles are collectively referred to as glass raw materials. Generally composed of 7-12 kinds, the main material has 4-6 kind, such as quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid, lead compounds, barium compounds, etc. According to the role of the introduced oxides in the glass structure, they can be divided into raw materials for glass forming oxides, raw materials of intermediate oxides, and raw materials to network outer oxides. According to the properties of [...]